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3 Month Service Plan 6 Month Service Plan 12 Month Service Plan
Technician Count
Technician Count
Technician Count
  • Select from 3 Service Plans (3 Month Service, 6 Month Service or 12 Month Service)...
  • Then select the number of technicians required form that Service Plan... (from 1 to 10 technicians)
  • You may change Service Plans at any time for this Service Renewal...
  • Any remaining time on current Service Plan is added to the new Renewal Service Plan...
  • Need more then 10 Technicians - See Bottom of this page to purchase the 12 Month Service Plan for 11 or more Technicians...

Rate Schedule Per Technician

Description Service Plan Per Month Rate Total Service Plan
Single Technician 3 Month Service 19.95 59.85
Single Technician 6 Month Service 18.95 113.70
Single Technician 12 Month Service 17.95 215.40
Second Technician 3 Month Service 18.95 56.85
Second Technician 6 Month Service 17.95 107.70
Second Technician 12 Month Service 16.95 203.40
Third Technician and After 3 Month Service 17.95 53.85
Third Technician and After 6 Month Service 16.95 101.70
Third Technician and After 12 Month Service 15.95 191.40
Sixth Technician and After Any Service Plan (1% Discount)    
Example: 6 Technicians 6 Month Service 628.20 with 1% Discount Total 621.92
** Rate Schedule is subject to change...      

Need More Than 10 Technicians?

    12 Month Service Plan
Use this Buy Now for ONLY 11 or more technicians, use options above for all other service plans...  11 or more Technicians is based at $186 per Technician for 12 Month Service Plan. Enter the number of Technicians as the  Quantity at the next Step of purchase process...
11 Or More Technicians

This 12 Month Service Plan is designed for clients that require more than 10 technicians,
please DO NOT used this Buy Now option for any Plan that requires 10 or less technicians...