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Thank You... for your interest in our software products, ProServeWeb Tools is a addon service that we offer for our ProServe 2012 Service Management Software Solutions product. For more information on the ProServe 2012 Software product click here... ProServeWeb Tools is an extension to ProServe 2012 that allows you to upload and download work order tickets to and from this website for access and processing in the field. It allows technicians to access their work to edit, re-schedule, post as completed and also post supplies and payments with this easy to use web based application.
No App required to run on Android or Apple OS, just access this website with your smart device.

ProServe 2012 is still totally a desktop based application; nothing has changed about how it works. The software and databases are still installed locally on your system along with all of your data. NO! ProServe 2012 is Not going Cloud Based... We are simply giving our clients the option of both Desktop and Cloud Based solutions, the best of both worlds.

Basic Concept Diagram...

How does it work?

1st, we install the desktop version of ProServeWeb Tools on your local system, this is a separate program that runs outside of ProServe 2012.
The ProServeWeb Tools Desktop is what allows you to Upload (Sync Up) and Download (Sync Down) to and from the ProServeWeb Tools Website Databases. As you can see this program will also keep track of who you are and when and how to renew your service plan. We offer 3 Month, 6 Month or 12 Month Service Plans based on per technician.

Upload (Sync Up)

As you can see you set filters similar to the Open-WIP within ProServe 2012 to upload or Sync Up work orders. Notice the Available Warehouse and the Available Technicians, it is multi-warehouse compatible and only licensed technicians can be uploaded. You have the Time Frame, Department, Schedule On/Off and Single or all technicians to filter what gets uploaded. There is a limit to the time frame that can be uploaded, only orders that are not older than 45 days and only 14 days out. (Based on schedule dates) Any previous uploaded orders are automatically removed once they exceed the 45 days old limit. The top data grid (Source) is your Work Orders from ProServe 2012 and the bottom data grid (Target) is orders that are already uploaded or is to be uploaded to the website for access. Also notice the option in the middle of the screen (Update Web Service Profile) this will upload the ProServe 2012 Service Profiles, this will also upload up to 20 inventory items that are marked as Website so technicians can post supplies used for each posting. Basically this process synchronizes the Website data with ProServe 2012 unless it has been modified by technician, this insures that posted work orders by technicians are not reset by this process. So with that said; you will be able to Sync Up at any time and not be worried that you're overwriting posted work that has not been Sync Down yet.

Download (Sync Down)

The Sync Down is how you post work completed into ProServe 2012. Notice the Filter Options and the Print Queue, normally you would select Posted Orders and Print before you Process. The report will sub-total by technicians. Remember this will post each work order, payments, supplies used and the profile and any notes enter by technicians in the field. This process will indicate any problems or errors of orders that do not match up with ProServe 2012.

Scheduling the Sync Up and Sync Down Process

Basically you can setup your own schedule of the Sync Up and Sync Down processes. For example: you could Sync Down then Sync Up 1st thing every morning between 7:00am and 7:30am. Then do the same at noon between 12:00pm to 12:30pm… If you make that a company policy then each technician should know not to do any updating during those time frames. The main thing to remember; just like working in ProServe 2012 there are things that you run were no one else should be working in the system. This is true for Sync Up and Sync Down, technicians should not be trying to update while you’re running Sync processes.

ProServeWeb Tools Website

Each Technician will have their own User Account to gain access to the site, this is accomplished from the registration process.
ProServeWeb Tools Website is compatible with most Android OS or Apple OS remote devices, the bigger the screen the better. My Motorola Moto smart phone with a 5 inch screen works okay, but my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet with a 7 inch screen works even better and my iPad Mini with 7.5 inch screen works great too. And it works great with regular internet browsers running within any computer desktop. Just like most other websites, this websites pages would look the same on your remote device except the pages would render smaller to fit your screen size.
A Technician will only see the work assigned to them, as you can see you have a few filter options like Route, Work Order Number and Schedule Date. Pressing the Select link will take user to the Edit screen to Edit or Post. You should always select Search after setting any filter. The page default is ALL work orders for this Technician.
Technician could edit most anything here except fields highlighted in dark blue, Skip (removes from ProServe 2012) and notice the Post button, Post is done from here. Also notice the eMail Address, this comes from the Service Account if it is setup for eMail List.
** Uploading (supplies) inventory items is optional, you could skip this inventory input section...
The posting process work as follows:
1) Input any supplies, then Press Verfiy Supplies Input...
2) Input any other changes Profile Section, Order Section, Payment Section, then press Verify Data Input...
3) Then press the Post Work Order... (posted work cannot be un-posted here)
4) The AddOn Line Items option allows user to add input here to pre-existing line items, Off removes any pre-existing items on order.
** Press the Cancel button to cancel this posting and return to main work page... (this does not Cancel the work order)

eMail Notice - customer will get an eMail notice that the work has been completed... (if eMail Address exist here)
You should register each Technician that requires access, you can register as many users as needed including one for office use.
From the Profile screen user can edit E-mail, Password and assign Technician Code.

Would you like to try it?

We have a Sample Account setup for that very purpose, you can test drive this site by logging in with a special username and password...
Click here to request that login information...
click here for more information on ProServe 2012
click here for Home Page
click here for Support Page
click here for Service Plans and Pricing
click here for User Guide and Security (very important document that you should read)
click here for Terms and Policy (very important document that you should read)
click here for Step-By-Step Registration Process (very easy guide for the registration process)